Hi Derek, Discovered you, [a fellow Courtena-ite], through your comments to Tony Merkle in Nanoose. You clearly have a very nice array of images and ideas. I may steal a few of your ideas but no one is likely to notice. Seems people, and even fellow photogs like us are quite reserved. My blog, gets visited but very few will leave a comment. So I'm trying to be a lot more wordy. Feedback is always interesting to us and I guess to get some one has to give it out. Posting photos to in the UK, can be interesting. They award votes promptly and thus you have feedback in fairly quick time. That can be real fun. My best so far is 21 votes for a Flicker on a tree hole. My other good photos seem to average around 6 to 9 votes. Try them. You may like it. Visit my photoblog too. Nice work Derek. If you see me, [blue Dodge van], on the dyke road at Lafarge, stop and say hello. TG
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